FA-series freeze dryer adopts advanced technology, high quality components, according to ISO 
quality standards for compressed air (ISO8573.1) Manufactured high performance drying equipment,
university, reliable, environmentally friendly, energy saving, and intuitive.
Performance characteristics of freeze dryer
 » Special rear cooler and pre-cooler can directly access high temperature compressed air 70 degree C.
 » Super-strong design centrifugal and collector dual water separators with wate rseparation efficiency
    higher than 99%
 » It adopts world famous spare parts with excellent quality and long service life.
 » Easy to use, no consumables, automatic drainage, low operating cost, reliable and continuous operation 
WorkingPrincipal and Procedures
      Compressed air first enters the pre-cooler for gas-to-gas or gas-to-water heat exchange, removing part of the heat energy, then enters the heat exchanger, and exchanges heat with the cold air cooled to the pressure dew point (2-10 degrees C) through the evaporator, which further reduces the temperature of compressed air. After that, compressed air enters the evaporator, and the temperature drops to 2-10 degrees C after heat heat exchange with refrigerant. The moisture in the air is folded out at this temperature. After separation by the gas-water separator it is automatically discharged by the drain while the dry low-temperature air enters the heatexchanger, and the heat exchange is heated and exported.
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