FAT Refrigerated Air Dryer

FAT Plate Refrigerated Air Dryer offers the best solutions to prevent energy loss, reduce corrosion level, prolong life of compressed air systems and decrease maintenance cost.

 About FAT Refrigerated Air Dryer

In compressed air systems, the prevention of corrosion caused by condensed water is an important issue. This is a critical factor as corrosion would minimize the performance and shorten the lifetime of compressed air systems. To prevent this problem from occurring, the air dryer is the most commonly used tool. In these kinds of equipment. The main problems which affect the performance of compressed air systems are huge volume, high pressure loss and complicated traditional types of heat exchangers which are insufficiently efficient. DIT successfully develop the Brazed Heat Exchanger for air dryer systems. This technology is supported by complete research and proven test data. This unique design has enabled DIT to obtain patents in France, USA and Southeast Asia successfully.

 The main advantage of Plate Heat Exchanger

·         A 3 in 1 configuration, the air-to-air exchanger, evaporators and demister separator are combined in one module. This ensures a very compact, robust and energy efficient design.

High efficiency heat features performance.

·         Unique patents for cross-flow design features with the condensate being separated as it is created along the cooling path.

·         Energy saving application due to low pressure drop.

·         Simple and easy maintenance.

·         Dry air down to 3 C pressure dew point at outlet.

 FAT Refrigerated Air Dryer Features

Easy to install

DIT’s compact design and well-structured component layout provides extreme installation flexibility. The easily accessible components ensure that DIT dryer occupies less valuable plant floor space.


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